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Great news! ALL OVER THE PLACE Podcast is now accepting guest posts for its blog. We are looking for original articles on the business and craft of travel writing and travel journalism. If you think you have a good idea for an article, please read the following guidelines for guest posts and pitch the idea to

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • The article topic must be on some aspect of the business or craft of travel writing and travel journalism (broadly defined).
  • We are looking for evergreen articles. That is, we are looking for articles that won’t become irrelevant in a few years.
  • The author of the article must be a travel writer, travel journalist, travel blogger, or an individual somehow involved in the creative travel space.
  • The article must be useful, with actionable tips and take-aways. Every article needs to answer a question, be a solution to a problem, or help someone.
  • Your article must not blatantly market or promote your book, course, service, or product.
  • Articles should be between 800 to 1,500 words (or more and not including author bio section). Please use subheadings to break up your writing and organize your ideas.
  • ALL OVER THE PLACE will have the final say on whether or not the article is a good fit for the website. We also have the final say on titles, headings, formatting, and edits including spelling, grammar, and the ability to add, remove, or change any links.
  • Do not link-stuff to your blog or website.
  • You will have an author bio section at the end of the post with up to two links to your personal homepage and, if you have one, your blog. Please submit a headshot and embed your links.
  • Articles are scheduled, so it may take a number of weeks before your post will go live.
  • You agree and assert that the article you submit hasn’t appeared anywhere else. You can do what you want with your article, including posting it on your own site anywhere else, a week after it goes live here.
  • You agree and assert that all work that you submit is original and your own. You accept full liability in the case of any suits, claims, damages, etc. against ALL OVER THE PLACE Podcast caused either directly or indirectly by your submission materials. You indemnify and hold ALL OVER THE PLACE Podcast and its owners harmless against any civil or criminal suits, claims, or damages of any kind including legal fees arising out of the work you submit.

Thanks for your interest. And, again, please send your pitches to

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